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Our Licensed Home Health Agency provides a full range of medically necessary services to residents of Republic County regardless of color, race, handicap, or national origin.

Services provided:

  • • Skilled Nursing
  • • Home Health Aide
  • • Homemaking

Home Health Care is recognized as an increasingly important alternative to care as in-patients of a medical facility. It is an effective means of providing health services to those who require intermittent health services. Thus, while receiving quality health care, the individual may remain at home, enjoying a way of life as closely related to normal as possible.

Visits are made as often as therapeutically necessary.

Patient must be under the medical supervision of a licensed physician to receive skilled visits. The physician prescribes and approves the services to be provided.

Patient must be a resident of Republic County.

Referrals may originate with physicians, hospital personnel, families, individuals, and/or other community agencies.

Available third-party payers such as Medicaid or private health insurance are billed for services to eligible patients. 


Fee Schedule

There are nominal fees for services.  Some fees are on a sliding fee scale, which is based on income and household size.  Medicare, Healthwave, and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield are billed for services for which the Health Department/Home Health Agency is a contracted provider.  We can bill other insurances but you will need to ask to make sure we accept your insurance.

Confidentiality – All services are confidential.

Notice of Privacy Practices Available upon request