. . . . . The Republic County Transportation Dept bus will not run March 30th through April 10th. We will re-evaluate on April 9th to determine future service. Any questions please call 785-527-2235. . . . . Republic County recycling service is suspended, to resume when the Coronavirus threat subsides. . . . . The Republic County Courthouse, EMS, Highway Dept and Health Dept doors will remain locked to the general public, allowing limited access by appointment only. Call the office with which you need to conduct business to schedule an appointment. . . . . . .Emergency Services are operational. . . . . .County offices are open for business via phone, fax, mail and email. . . . . .Paperwork can be delivered via the drop box on the east side of the courthouse. . . . . .For the most current information on Coronavirus COVID-19, see websites and . . . . .

About the County Clerk’s Office

The County Clerk, an Elected Position, plays a unique role in County Government and in the Kansas Constitution. This is the Office of Record for the Board of County Commissioners and acts as the official secretary to the Board of Commissioners; keeps the seal, records the papers of the board, signs the records of proceedings, and attests the same with the official seal of the county, and is the official repository for all board records and county documents.

Tax Administration – The County Clerk must finalize the assessed values on all real estate and personal property in the county and maintains tax accounts.  The County Clerk sets the county wide mill levy and after the tax levies are set, special assessments are applied, the County Clerk prepares the tax roll and tax statements for the Treasurer to print.

Financial Administration – The County Clerk, by law shall observe all claims against the county, certify that the budget is available to cover all claims, and then charges the County Treasurer with those claim payments.  The Clerk has a good working knowledge of all County Department Budgets and expenditures in order to present the claims to the County Commissioners.  The Clerk keeps a clear audit trail for the accounting of all receipts and disbursements.  The Clerk must Balance, Distribute and Certify the Motor Vehicle Tax. 

Public Information Officer – The County Clerk is the “Freedom of Information Officer. ”  Provides educational materials and information concerning the “Open Records Act,” assists any public agency and members of the general public to resolve disputes and responds to inquires relating to it.