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The Republic County Highway Department is responsible for the Maintenance of over 1.95 billion in Capital Assets including:

•       1,272 Miles of roads

o     Earth – 487 miles

o     Gravel/Rock – 701 miles

o     Asphalt – 82 miles

o     Concrete – 2 miles

•         229 Bridges

o     Federal Aid Secondary Bridges – 74

o     Off System Bridges – 155

•       7,426 Culverts (estimated)

o     box (wood or concrete) - 1,066

o     Tube (concrete, steel, hdpe or cmp) - 6,360


This work is performed within an area of 720 square miles which include 20 townships and the incorporated Cities of Agenda, Belleville, Courtland, Cuba, Munden, Narka, Republic and Scandia. Copies of the Weekly Progress Report to the Commissioners are available here!

The Operating Budget for the Republic County Highway Department is approximately 3.6 million dollars per year.  The Department employs 25-30 professional operators, drivers, and support staff.  Fun fact: The national average for road maintenance costs per mile per year is $8,000. Republic County performs this service for less than $3,000 per mile.  


The Department is organized in two Divisions: 


The ROADS DIVISION is primarily responsible for construction and maintenance of driving surfaces including:

•  Hot Asphalt paving and patching

•  Cold mix patching

•  Concrete paving and patching

•  Road construction and road maintenance including ditch cleaning, reshaping road prisms, gravel, and rock surfacing.

•  Snow removal

•  Mowing


The BRIDGES AND CULVERTS DIVISION is primarily responsible for construction and maintenance of drainage structures including:

•  Bridge construction, maintenance and repair of approaches, abutments, guardrails and bridge decks

•  Culvert installation, replacement, and reconditioning

•  Riprap installation for erosion protection

•  Tree removal

•  General Construction


Highway Department Weekly Reports