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"Two ways to search county land records 24 hours a day"



Designed for users who consistently search document records in REPUBLIC CO, KS.

Fidlar Technologies has designed Laredo, a remote access product, with your objectives in mind.  Laredo's innovative technology and 24-hour access to the county's land records allows you to obtain information faster and more effeciently.


  • Extremely fast searching and viewing of images
  • Real time, 24x7 access
  • Customizable results screens
  • Same user interface used in the Register of  Deed's office
  • Support and training services available


Republic County Laredo Investment Breakdown:

0-250 mins-         $  75/mo $.25/min overage

251-500 mins-     $125/mo $.23/min overage

501-1000 mins-   $195/mo $.18/min overage

1001-2000 mins- $295/mo $.15/min overage

Unlimited mins-  $400/mo

*Remote print copy fees- $.15/page

To Sign Up:  

To Subscribe to Laredo, please contact the Republic County Register of Deeds at 785-527-7238.

 To Search

Once you have signed up and have been issued a username and password, log onto, click on "Products" then click on the "Laredo" link to download the Laredo program.


For more information on Laredo click >  Laredo Flyer

Click to view or download the > Laredo Online Access Agreement



Designed for the occassional users or those who wish to search in all Fidlar partner counties.

All you need is a web browser for 24x7 access to county land records.  From the Tapestry website, users can access information from ALL participating counties.


  • Extremely fast searching and viewing of images
  • 24/7 Remote Internet access
  • Search by multiple parameters
  • No additional fee to view documents
  • Support and training services available


Tapestry Investment Breakdown:

  • Index/Image Search - $8.75 per search
  • Grantor/Grantee
  • Beginning/Ending Recording Date
  • Legal Description - Subdivision, Parcel ID, Metes & Bounds (if applicable - County may not index all Legal Description types)
  • Document Types
  • Viewing Images is included in the per search fee
  • Print Copies - $1.00/page


Flexible Payment Options:

  • Pay-as-you-go with a credit card - Visa & Mastercard accepted


Get Started:

Log onto to begin your search.


For more information on Tapestry click > Tapestry Flyer

   For more information contact Fidlar Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 536-345-1283.